Information Security Association of Jyväskylä


0x003 - 21.3.2020

SIGN UP: Can be done here. (there is a limit of 55 persons)
LOCATION: Restaurant Salvia, Ylistönmäentie 26, 40500 Jyväskylä
NOTES: The event bears no cost for participation. The schedule is loose.


16:00 Doors open
16:30 Welcome speech
16:45 Mobile WHacking - Tomi Koski
18:00 Break
18:15 "Bug bounties - My story" A talk about how I got into this area of security and how I approach it.
- Joakim Tauren
19:00 End speech
19:15 After party at undetermined place

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What is JySec?

JySec gathers people together that are interested in Information and Cyber Security in the Central Finland. The purpose is to organise meetups and get-togethers to learn, connect, discuss and have fun in the field of InfoSec.
JySec is part of CitySec.


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